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Whitelist IP Address

You can whitelist specific IPs if you need to authenticate the proxy service without providing the Username and the API Key all the time. You can whitelist up to 150 IP addresses through which you can connect to the proxy without having to provide any additional authentication details. Follow these instructions to correctly whitelist your IP address.

1) Once logged into your Geonode Dashboard, click on Whitelist IP on the sidebar.

2) Enter IP Address to be Whitelisted and press Add.

3) Your successfully added addresses will be listed as shown above.

4) In case you need to remove any of the whitelisted addresses, click Remove. Any successful additions or removals will be confirmed by a toast message that is automatically displayed on the top-right of your dashboard after the exercise:

NOTE - Please allow up to 5 minutes for the Whitelisted IP to be reflected in the system.