Unlimited Residential Proxy FAQ

Offering residential proxies with uncapped bandwidth and keep the price low is a big challenge. To be able to provide you with this product, we needed to consider a few trade-offs.

The uncapped/unlimited proxies are used by a large number of users, which means other users are already using these proxies with popular sites like Google or Instagram; this may lead to a lower success rate.

Users have great success when using these proxies with more unique websites.

Below are some common questions and answers for the Unlimited Residential Proxies.

Question: What is the speed of these proxies?

Answer: The speed depends on the use case; however, generally speaking, these are not fast or premium proxies. In the coming weeks we will be offering a premium residential services with blazing fast speeds and much higher success rates.

Question: Can I use these proxies for (insert specific use case)?

Answer: We take the risk away by offering 10 threads for only $7. Please take us for a spin and see if the unlimited residential proxies work for your use case.

Question: How can I get a higher success rate?

Answer: There are a few ways to increase the success rate.

The first option is to build a rotator to test each thread; then, once you identify a thread that meets your criteria, you use it for the specific query.

A common issue is NPM packages having some bugs; to overcome this, remove the header from the request or change to 'Keep Alive'.

Question: What does the error code I'm receiving mean?

Answer: See a detailed list of the API error codes here https://docs.geonode.com/api-guide/response-codes

Question: How do I select a specific country like USA?

Answer: See this page for instructions https://docs.geonode.com/api-guide/request-ip-for-specific-country

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