Targeting A City

Users can now set a city on the Premium service


For users who want to set up their geolocation in a specific city 🌎. With this option you can narrow down your targeting, and zero in on the country and the city of your choice.

How to set the city for a session?

This option is only available for the Premium and services. To set your desired city, this can only be done via API by adding the parameter '-country-US-city-NewYork (city to your desire)' when authenticating.

Example: username-country-US-city-NewYork

All spaces in the name must be removed for it to match 👌

Example (run this code in your terminal):
curl -x -U username-country-US-city-NewYork:password


  • Need an activated Premium plan

  • Can only set city with curl command in the example above 👆

  • You can generate a list of cities in your terminal by running the command:
    Replace "us" with the desired country.