Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have static residential IPs?

We do not currently offer static IPs. We are planning to release this service in the coming months!

Can I have the invoice in Euros?

All invoices are in USD, we are unable to offer other currencies.

Sticky IPs going offline any moment. What's that about?

Sticky proxies have a maximum timeout of 60 minutes. Static proxies are the type of proxies that do not expire, we do not currently offer these. Currently, we recommend setting auto-replace to true and choosing a lengthy enough rotating interval for sticky connections when clients bring the offline issue up

Can I use your proxies for cracking?

No. Any hacking/cracking or illegal activity is strictly forbidden on our platform.

Can I use your proxies with streaming services?

We do not recommend our current services for streaming, you are welcome to try and use them for this purpose. However, the unlimited proxies are not designed for streaming.

Do you block any websites?

We do not block any websites. Including survey sites.