Crypto Payment Instructions

This document details how to make payments to Geonode via Cryptocurrency.

Payment Process

Step 1: Request Crypto Payment

Contact customer service via live chat or the contact form and request payment via Cryptocurrency.

Step 2: Receive Email With Payment Details

A Geonode representative will email you an ERC-20 wallet address where you will send payment.

Step 3: Make Payment

Make payment to the nominated ERC-20 address.

Step 4: Email Payment Proof

Reply to the email thread with a link to the transaction ID on

Step 5: Receive Confirmation Of Payment

Once the transaction is received with 32 confirmations, we will email back confirmation the funds are received.


Which Cryptocurrencies do you support?

What is the minimum payment amount?

$200 USD equivalent.

What is the maximum payment amount?

$50,000 USD equivalent.

Do you offer refunds?

There are strictly no refunds for all Crypto payments.

Do you provide an invoice before payment?

Yes, we will do this upon request. 

Will I get a receipt once the payment has been completed?

Yes, we will do this upon request.