Claim Your Existing Credits

Our Geonode Credit Claim Feature has changed as a result of our recent payment provider shift.

As a result of our transition [from Stripe to FastSpring], we have altered our Geonode Credit Claim Feature to a more manual one; as our new payment provider does not support our previous automatic credit claim.  

What happened to my existing Credits?

Your existing credits are secure and held in our Database. You will still be able to redeem them and use your credits to pay for any selected Geonode services. 

Note: Make sure you're claiming a credit from the same account that you signed up with and that you have any previous credits associated too. It's critical to remember that credits are not transferable between accounts even if they are under the same name. They must be under the same email. 

How do I claim my Credits?

To claim your existing credits, you must: 

1. Sign into your account 

2. Open the Billing page shown in the Left side menu

3. Click on "Claim" button, in the Claim existing credits section


Once you've successfully completed the steps above, you will be directed to our customer support team. Our team will ask for the needed details and process your claim request accordingly.


How will we approve your credit request?

Once your details have been provided to our customer support team, they will manually approve your credit claim request via our online chat support if everything is aligned with our terms and conditions. You can also provide your email details to have your request conveyed via email. 

Should your credit request be rejected for any reason, we will provide an explanation to why we took this decision. 

Thank you!