Unmetered Residential Proxy Service Cancellation

We regret to inform you that our Unmetered Residential Proxies will be discontinued.

It is with regret that Geonode has made the decision to terminate the Unmetered Residential Proxy Service as it is no longer feasible for us to obtain new Unmetered Residential IP's from ethical sources on a regular basis to meet consumer demand. We are committed to the ethical sourcing of proxies and good business practices which is why this seems to be the best decision. 

Who and how will our users be affected by this decision?

-New users will be unable to subscribe to this service effective immediately

- Existing users will not be able to upgrade, downgrade and renew this service effective immediately. 

I am an existing Unmetered Residential Proxy User, what happens to my service?

For existing Unmetered Residential Proxy customers, your subscription will remain active until your next billing date. After this date, you will no longer be able to use Unmetered Residential Proxies. 

How do I check when my next billing period is?

Login to your user dashboard and Click on Residential Unmetered in the left side menu. 

OR Click on Billing in the left side menu. 


What's my alternative to Unmetered Residential Proxy Service?

We highly recommend subscribing to  our Residential Premium or Residential Private Services for fast and high quality Residential Services.