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Trial Information

Trial Price:

For just $7 you can try out Geonode and see if we’re the proxy provider you are looking for.

What is included in the Trial:

With just $7 you can gain access to:

  • 10 private residential proxies

  • Unlimited Web Scraping without data caps

  • Bypass Blocked content on your network/country

  • Over 2 million rotating Residential IP Addresses

  • Over 170+ locations globally

Duration of the Trial:

The Trial will last only 7 days, upgrade or cancel anytime, during these 7 days you will have access to the most reliable residential proxies with uncapped data.

What if I don’t cancel before the trial ends?

If you are unable to cancel your trial after the 7 days is done, you will be automatically upgraded to the $47/month Starter Plan.

To know how to cancel your trial/subscription, click HERE

Where can I find the list of available Proxies?

You can find them by logging in at https://dashboard.geonode.com/#/login and then going to the IP Gateway page by pressing the button shown on the photo below.

Where can I get my API Key?

You can get your API Key, and even whitelist your personal IP, in the Proxy Authentication page. You can get there by pressing the icon shown below.

Where can I find the Developer Docs?

You can find our in-depth documentation here: https://docs.geonode.com